When it comes to the supercar, obviously, for most people it’s not a machine that you see in everyday life. Sure, here on the web, they might be teaming and very prevalent, however, as you make your way through your day, it’s not all that common that you come across one of these high dollar machines. In fact, if you’re not all that into cars, some of these things might even look likes spaceships out there on the road as they make their way around town, really drawing quite the reaction from folks who get incredibly excited and might just not know what to think of something like this!
In this one, we take the opportunity to dive into ten of the most obscure supercar reactions in 2017, at least when it comes to the “the.leviathan” YouTube channel. From in-car reactions to people around town who just simply don’t know how to handle themselves in a situation like this, it really gets interesting to see the wide variety of different perceptions of vehicles like these from a whole bunch of different people who let their personalities really shine through. So many people really almost lose it when they come in contact with the vehicles that dreams are made of and to an extent, for some of them, we can’t really say that we blame them.

Follow along in the video down below as we’re able to catch some of the top reactions and with cars like this, you know that it’s going to be good! After watching this top 10 video, be sure to tell us which of these reactions you thought was the most off-the-wall. When you throw an x-factor into the mix like one of these machines, you really never know what’s going to happen. Human beings are pretty unpredictable and that always makes for some good entertainment, right?

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