I don’t care who you are, if you can appreciate an automobile in any capacity, you can probably appreciate barn finds as well. It’s just so exciting to go behind-the-scenes in these abandoned or rundown places and find cars that were once glorious and have the potential to be so again. Sometimes, the finds will even come to you from the least expected places like well-manicured garages that just don’t have the means to bring them back to life.

Even the machines that don’t really have any more potential, as it has all rusted into the ground, provide you with something interesting to look at. Just taking a peek at one of these cars really leads you to wonder the kind of life the car has been led along on and how exactly it got from being an automobile that lots of people would love to have to nothing more than a dilapidated lawn ornament that’s interesting to look at.

This time, we check out an entire series that’s dedicated to going around the country and finding barn finds that could pique our interest. If you thought that finding one of these things for yourself was exciting, just imagine being able to travel around and do it all the time. Being able find that diamond in the rough has to make a job like this so much more exciting than your run-of-the-mill occupation. The thrill of the hunt is incredibly real in this one and we’re definitely glad that there’s a video series to take us long as Hagerty hunts down awesome collections of cars.

This time, the range of machines is far and wide taking us everywhere from a massive collection of cars that varies in scope all the way to maybe a couple of owners who have a car or two that just missed its prime and they simply can’t let go of it. Be sure to check out the video below that takes us inside this unique group of cars that might be too far gone to the point where they can only be appreciated as they sit and some that maybe just need a little bit of TLC but are certain to make you want to see more!

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