We’ve shared plenty of RC car videos, and of course we share all kinds of on-track drag racing action, but rarely do the two actually cross over, but today that is exactly what we’re bringing you. We’ve seen many a debate break out when one guy pipes up and says his RC car will outrun somebody else’s real car, so High Tech Corvette posted the footage that for some will settle the debate, while some will see it as much more fodder for arguing online. We just think it’s cool and want to share!
As the announcer so perfectly stated, this is a three way. In the far lane, Dodge’s own American Supercar, the Viper. In the middle lane, a stout running Dodge Challenger that, according to the description, is a 9-second capable ride. And finally, on the return road, an electric RC car sporting a Corvette C7 body shell. There aren’t any timers out there on the return road, but we just need to see who’s out front to know who wins between the three.
The driver of the RC waits patiently while the Viper and the Challenger do their burnouts, since his foam tires are as sticky as they need to be. When all three cars are lined up, the Christmas tree drops and away they go. The camera man appears to be standing around the 200’ mark and believe it or not, when the three cars blow past the camera, the RC ‘Vette actually has a pretty sizable lead.

Of course, gearing and eclectic motors will only carry you so far, so the ‘Vette was probably maxed out, speed wise, by the time it reached the 330’ – or 1/16th mile – mark.
Seeing that the cars were about to build steam and blow him out of the water, the RC driver wisely throws in the towel. For whatever reason, around the same time, the driver of the Challenger lifts as well, leaving the Viper to streak through the quarter mile as the winner.

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