There are a few different measures used to judge how quick a car is that are somewhat universal in the racing world. There are ET thresholds, i.e. eleven, ten, and nine second elapsed times through the quarter mile and seven, six and five second times through the eighth mile for example. Most everybody understands what kind of power it takes to run those times. Then there’s the comparison measures that name a particular vehicle or type of vehicle that most everybody knows whether they can or can’t outrun.

There are a host of comparisons one could make, but one really stands out as a real attention getter: the liter bike. Simply put, a liter bike is any bike with 1,000 cc or more of engine displacement. These bikes are a great measuring stick because they’re all brutally fast, so if a car is able to outrun a liter bike, you know it’s pretty damn fast. YouTuber GuiltarmageddonZL1 and his nitrous injected ZL1 Camaro have a chance to earn that badge when he rolls up on a guy on a Honda CBR1000 and they have a couple of quick top end runs to see who comes out on top.

The first run, the Camaro gets the jump on the bike and walks smooth out of his life, taking the win fairly easily. They line up to race again and the bike gets the jump the second time. Pulling out to a small lead, the Honda isn’t really able to pull away from the Camaro. In fact, it seems like the Camaro is just about to begin to pull back on the bike when the race ends, leaving the score a one win each. Both of these rides are fast, and the Camaro certainly earned the right to say he walked a liter bike with their first race.

What do you guys use as a measure for your own car’s performance?

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