Ford Mustang is the Best-Selling Sports Car on the Planet

Ford Mustang is the Best-Selling Sports Car on the Planet. Global sales up 6 percent in 2016.

The Ford Mustang wants to rule the world. Fastback. Shelby GT350. Cobra. Mach 1. Boss 351. Heck, even the Mustang II looks pretty damn good these days.

It’s been a best-seller in the U.S. for over half a century, but according to new car registration data research by IHS Markit, the Mustang is also the best-selling sports car in the world.

FoMoCo sold over 150,000 Mustangs last year with overall global sales increasing by 6 percent over 2015. The company states that international market growth is up a whopping 101 percent with nearly a third of those sales — almost 45,000 — selling to buyers outside of the United States.

Big sales in China and Germany contributed to the healthy sales gains as well as the Mustang’s global rollout in smaller markets like New Caledonia, Gibraltar, and Bonaire — Google ’em.

“The legacy of Mustang continues to grow, and in places it never reached before,” said Mark Schaller, Ford Mustang marketing manager in a statement.

“We continue to make it available in new markets, and drivers in those markets continue to respond with resounding approval.”

In the past, if you wanted a pony car and lived outside of North America, enthusiasts faced plenty of challenges to acquire one. Ford saw this as a big opportunity and started shipping them around the globe in 2014.

Ford’s claims that more than 395,000 sixth-generation Mustangs have been produced at Flat Rock Assembly Plant since that time and a fourth of that total — 98,000 — have been shipped to Mustang fans outside of the U.S.

Today the Mustang is available in 140 countries across all continents except for Antarctica. If you live in Brazil, the Palau Islands, or the Ivory Coast, you are in luck. Fords plans to expand sales of the 2018 Mustang into those countries and a few more this year as well.