Epic MUSTANG Crash: Car Totalled But Driver Walked Away Unscathed!

Epic MUSTANG Crash: Car Totalled But Driver Walked Away Unscathed!

A guy in a rental car – a soft top Mustang – was driving at approximately 90 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone when the unthinkable happened. He lost control and crashed into a power pole along a busy Seattle trail. The ‘Stang was reduced to a complete wreck but the driver miraculously survived and walked away unscathed!

Judging by the look of the shattered carcass, it seemed impossible for anyone to survive such a brutal crash. But witnesses saw the driver emerge from the mangled wreck without a scratch. Only a quarter of the car remained and video of the carnage on Facebook showed that only the area around the driver’s seat was preserved. Perhaps the unnamed driver should have bought a lottery ticket after the incident!

The morale of the story is that when it comes to driving a sports car, the way you handle the accelerator is no joke and it’s insanely wrong and stupid to go nearly thrice the speed limit. Check out the video below and see what remained from the tattered car that somehow saved the driver’s life after wrecking at 90 mph.

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