Dodge Viper GTS Drag Races Challenger R/T, The Gap Is Massive

Remember the days when the Viper used to be the Dodge halo car? That era is now behind us, with SRT keeping the Challenger under the spotlights under these days. Of course, aficionados are taking sides, which is how we end up with battles such as the one that brought us here.

We’re referring to a drag racing battle between a Viper and a Challenger. Sure, these aren’t the most potent versions, since we’re dealing with a 1998 Viper GTS and a Challenger R/T.
Of course, this also means the sprinting battle isn’t fair, since the V10 monster’s power-to-weight ratio is superior to that of the HEMI wielder. Even so, the differences between these toys can’t take away the fun delivered by the battle.
Speaking of this fight, the owner of the supercar took to the comments section of the YouTube video depicting the race to drop a few details on the matter: “Hey! That’s me and my Viper! You captured my worst run of the night on this one, lol. Can’t wait for summer!”

We’re inviting you to pay close attention to the initial phase of the run. And that’s because the driver of the muscle car had a better reaction time. And the V8 toy was prepared for the moment – judging by what we can see in the clip, the Challenger had received drag strip-specific rubber, as the front end packs skinny tires that reduce rolling resistance and the rear axle probably comes with drag racing.|Now, we have to keep in mind that the figures delivered at the end of the run, which determines the winner, don’t take the reaction time into account, since the clock doesn’t start ticking until the vehicle gets off the line.
As for the aural side of the brawl, this is also enticing, so we’re inviting you to turn up the volume before heading for that “play” button.

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