We have been big fans of this revival of the American muscle car wars lately, with Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford all bringing out some badass cars over the past few years that have us literally smack in the middle of the best time in history for gearheads.
While they do spend a lot of time beating up on each other, it’s always fun to open the doors and let in a little outside company to join the back-and-forth. Another company enjoying quite the resurgence is Audi, having stepped up from a lower-to-midlevel family hauler manufacturer to building some of the best looking cars on the road, many of which pack quite the powerful kick under the hood.
Audi’s R8 is one of the most gorgeous cars you will ever lay eyes on, and with a V10 version that puts down over 500 horsepower, it’s a solid performer. However, it’s still quite a bit shy of Dodge’s Hellcat twins in the power department, although both the Charger and Challenger are likely quite a bit heavier, evening out the playing field a bit, at least in theory.

However, we like to race instead of compare stats and guess what might happen, and apparently these guys do too. Not once, not twice, but four times this Hellcat Charger lined up alongside the swoopy R8, and four times the Charger took the win, each in fairly convincing fashion. I’m not sure if the R8 thought the outcome was close enough – it wasn’t – that the race may go his way if he just kept trying, or if he just enjoys getting nice, close up looks at Dodge taillights, but he kept coming back for more, and the guy in the Hellcat just kept giving it to him. The third race, at least in my opinion, tells me all I need to see about these 2 cars, with the Audi getting out to a small lead off the line, only to have the Charger drive around him and leave him in the dust yet again. However, the more races there are, the more fun was had, so line them up and go some more, gentlemen!

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