Sometimes, when things seem to be just picture perfect, you probably have found yourself wishing that you could just sit there and lock in the moment in time. Once on top of the world, you might have dreamt that you could keep that feeling around forever and sometimes, it might even really feel like things are going to last forever. However, as we have all grown to understand, nothing in this world lasts forever and seeing it pass us by can be truly humbling, to say the least, as it makes its way toward being nothing more than a memory and a legacy.
Watching the rise of the Earnhardt family to NASCAR supremacy was definitely an honor for those who can say that they were able to witness it. It’s rare that you get a father and son combo like that that can grab a sport and completely and simultaneously rock it to its core, making everybody else wonder what hit them. For those who watched the Senior and Junior one-two punch, that’s what they got to see and, love them or hate them, the top of the hill is where they would remain. However, you all know how the story is written from there as one thing after another would pile on top of the Earnhardt legacy and we would eventually spin the wheel all the way until the year 2017 when the threat of the Earnhardt last name never gracing a NASCAR race ever again would soon rise.
As the news broke months ago, we all now know that this will be Dale Earnhardt Junior’s last year of trips around NASCAR circuits. As the season comes to a close, it just so happens that Sunday will mark his last ever start as a NASCAR driver. If we were to summarize the career of this legend in one video, the tribute put out by Budweiser, the logo that you could see on Jr’s hood as they supported him for much of his career, would do the best possible job of doing just that while paying homage to a heck of a career.
If you follow along in the video below, you’ll feel all the nostalgia creep up as it goes through the ups and downs of the legacy that is the Earnhardt family. We here at Speed Society would like to wish Earnhardt Junior much success at his final start and “congratulations” on a career well done. I don’t care who you are, if you’re a NASCAR fan or not, you really have to have some major respect for what this family was able to accomplish.

A small Easter Egg for the super fan: As you follow along in the commercial, you might notice that the number “8” mysteriously disappears from not only the car in the new clips, but in the clips pulled from past broadcasts. This is because Dale Jr’s old team, which owns the rights to the number, refused to sell it to his new team, calling for it to be omitted from the commercial.

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