Buick Grand National Vs Challenger Hellcat – One Of The Most Epic Drag Races

Buick Grand National Goes Against Challenger Hellcat In One Of The Most Epic Drag Races

Not that we’ve expected a race like this but the 1980’s Buick in a drag race against the Hellcat is quite entertaining.

A good old-fashion street race that is  captured on video.

The Hellcat is very well-known to generate 707 horsepower where as the original equipment 1987 Grand National only produced 245 horsepower on a good day. Fortunately, the Grand National was very well-known as an easy car to tune and the owner of this particular automobile claims to have 425 horsepower to the rear wheels.

No matter what the outcome; it’s pretty apparent that both of these vehicles will definitely exceed the posted speed limit sign that you can clearly see in this illustration. This may appear to be a very uneven match up and the overall competition may surprise you. The race is actually a lot closer than you may expect with the Hellcat coming out on top. But,  it wasn’t the severe slaughter that you may have anticipated.

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