Sometimes, it’s tough to watch and most of the time, it never fails. Usually, after the quiet atmosphere of Cars and Coffee has settled down and everyone’s getting ready to leave and go about their day, someone gets too intense and bad things tend to happen. Don’t get us wrong, this is probably at the small minority of Cars and Coffee events but with all of the videos popping out from around the country, it’s certainly not an isolated incident, either, as the driver behind the wheel of this brand-new SRT Viper appears to be a little bit too excited about leaving the event as he lays into it, makes the car go sideways, and, well, can’t control the slide before something bad happens and he’s left to feel the pain right in the wallet.
It was all captured on camera as the driver of this insanely expensive car makes its way out of the parking lot, jamming into the throttle, and skidding its way into the curb. Luckily, it didn’t look like there was any body damage done but this owner is definitely going to be shelling out some money as the curb would force the wheels underneath the car, definitely doing some crunching to the components underneath the sports machine. It’s kind of hard to watch when it all goes down but on the same token, you can’t really look away, either, as the car slips into a skid of hurt.

If you care to see this epic crunch go down, tune in to the video below as this machine that is already designed to draw a lot of attention does even more in terms of bringing the attention to itself. I guess that, at the end of day, this isn’t the sort of attention that you’re going to want anyway, though.

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