It really seems like Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman were the dynamic duo that would take over the automotive world when it comes to building custom hot rods behind the doors of Gas Monkey Garage. However, in a shocking and somewhat sudden to the public revelation, Aaron would end up parting ways with Richard and going out on his own. As he is really known as one of the best of the business, we all kind of assumed that Aaron would pick up another gig pretty quickly, potentially something with a television show attached as he has gained quite the following but we had no idea what at the time.
It wasn’t too long later that we would learn all about Arclight, Aaron’s new venture that he had big plans for. Along with the shop comes a television show that’s going to go by the name of Shifting Gears that we touched on when the show came out. However, as of now, the cameras aren’t ready to come in just yet and there is a lot of work to be done before the doors open up. However, in the short period of time that we have known of Aaron’s departure from Gas Monkey, It looks like he has kept his legs moving quickly, making some major progress, and finding himself of a place to lay his hat along with hooking it up with some pretty stellar equipment to get the job done.

If you were curious as to what AK has been up to, the video below should shed some light on the latest with the new shop along with some of his plans as to what you can expect to see out of the bearded wonder in the future. It really seems like Aaron has put his feet firmly beneath him on his way to propelling himself, full steam ahead, toward his future ventures that appear to be road-mapped out in front of him. Only time will tell about the success of his new shop but we have to say that we’re incredibly excited to see what happens and we wish nothing but luck to the man himself!

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