1970 Quad-turbo Twin Cummins Diesel Madhouse

The masterminds and gearheads over at Plowboy Diesel have outdone themselves on this one. What once started out as a beaten 1970’s Dodge D-series, is now a 12-cylinder powerhouse. Throw a couple of compound turbos into the mix, and you have a good time on your hands. While this wasn’t the original truck that inspired the project, the team actually went out and found a model that could fit both 6-cylinder Cummins diesel engines side by side, just the way they envisioned.
One of the coolest parts about these dual engine custom builds is the linkage that connects the crankshafts and transmits all of that power to the transmission. As a team member describes below, it is all thanks to a custom gear box/transfer case type of design between the engines, that the truck is able to have one output shaft going to the transmission. All of that power is then sent to a Track Master 47RE 4-speed automatic. Personally, I want to know how much horsepower they are losing, if any, by creating these elaborate setups. Whatever loss there may be, the 4 turbos likely make for it.

f you are going to invest all of this time and effort, surely you have more supporting features. According to the builders, the engines are mostly stock, with some minor modifications to basically everything else. For example, 4-corner airbag suspension and a custom frame allow this beast to relish in all its own glory. 4 electric cooling fans and a colossal intercooler mounted up front help keep it cool, but because this bad boy likely puts off some heat, they went ahead and threw 3 more radiators in the bed. You can see them for yourself in the video below.

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