This 1969 Ford Boss 429 is one of the rarest muscle cars you’ll ever see

Little speaks to American ingenuity and the love of raw power the way the 1969 Mustang does. A wicked Boss 429 Mustang is featured in the video below in all its rare and heart pounding glory. The featured car is number 542 of only 857 made, and is one of only 93 that were painted Raven Black.

The Boss was officially rated at 375 horsepower, but in reality, it achieved an output in excess of an amazing 500 horsepower. When de-tuned for street racing purposes, it was believed that it might have actually exceeded 600 horsepower. Ford may have downplayed the actual power of the Boss because of consumer’s concerns about stiff insurance rates.
Given the very exclusive and limited availability of the Boss, each was given a special NASCAR ID on the driver’s side door, a “KK” number, which stood for Kar Kraft. These cars are highly sought after by collectors, and they have sold for bids as high as $500,000.
According to Gearheads, the engine really thrived in the high RPM range, and could rev up 9,000 rpm for extended periods, but was tamped down at 6,200 rpm for the afore-mentioned insurance concerns. As a result, acceleration was slow compared to some of its competitors. The car is rated for a top speed of 175 mph. However, due to its rareness and value, owners of the Boss have been reluctant to put it to the test.

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