1968 Pontiac GTO Bonnie and Clyde TV Commercial

These TV commercials are  returning us to the past. In the period when the gas was cheap, when the V8 engine was at the peak of fame and muscle cars were at is best…

Some would say with nostalgia that it was a good time, much better than today.
Well, it’s not for us to judge. Can you even imagine such a commercial today (to the side of the quality of the image)? Without transformers style, without hollywood tricks, without fast & furious tricks with limitless speed changes etc…

All in all, you have to agree that such commercials have a soul!

Check out the video below:

Bonnie and Clyde have robbed another bank! What better getaway car then a fast GTO?

The Bonnie and Clyde gang is on the run from the cops. They run into a Dealer and ask the salesman. Do you have something that moves? I sure have responds the salesman that 1968 Pontiac GTO over there. They drive away with the salesman describing all the features of the GTO. Bonnie gets tired of hearing the salesman’s pitch and tells Clyde to get rid of him. He Stops the GTO and lets the salesman out of the car. Yougone take it the salesman asks? Right responds Clyde. How do you want to finance it? Bonnie tells Clyde to finance it. Clyde throws a suitcase full of cash down on the road and they drive away.
Wow what a way to finance a car.

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